Are Expensive Haircuts Worth It?

In other words, what’s the Difference Between a $17 haircut and a $47 haircut?

Other than the obvious difference (price), there are several variances. The old saying is accurate here, “you do get what you pay for.”

An expensive hair cut should take about an hour of your time, certainly no less than forty-five minutes. The reason for this is accuracy. In order to achieve precise accuracy, certain systems and techniques need to be in place; for example, accurate sectioning, positioning, stylist stance and good hand and arm control. A master stylist works systematically around the client, adjusting and controlling hair placement and natural fall, checking and cross checking on wet hair.

The blow-dry follows which generally can take ten to twenty minutes, depending on the density and length of hair. Blow-drying itself is a skill many stylists have yet to master. Once dry, the experienced professional can examine exactly how the hair falls, how movement and hair growth patterns effect the desired shape and flow.

Approximately 30% (thirty percent) of the cutting is done when the hair is styled. Adding texture to the cut, personalizing the shape, blending and softening can only be executed accurately during the final moments on dry, styled hair. Dry hair allows for perimeters to be made precise (if that is the requirement for the style). An example of this can be seen with the A-line bob haircut. This classic style is the hardest cut to do well, as it should show blunt lines and blended graduated layers through the interior of the haircut.

Talent can come from natural ability, but much of it is also taught. Only ten percent of stylists maintain and continue their education, a statistic that should concern anyone who takes pride in the appearance of their hair! Education is key to growth and development, keeping up with industry and fashion standards, and improving techniques and skill levels. Stylist who works for companies that offer cheaper haircuts generally have not invested thousands of dollars on their continued education.

Certainly, experience is another factor. A stylist who has been in the industry for 20+ years, and meeting the requirements outlined above, simply could not afford to be charging $15 for a hair cut. When you invest in a pricier haircut, you are paying for the numerous years of education and hands-on experience, in order to receive a product that is more than worthy of the time and financial investment offered by both the client and the stylist.

Just ask anyone who’s ever had a bad haircut. For woman, this can be particularly horrifying, as it can often take months — even years — to correct. Who wants to have 250 bad hair days, all because of trying to cut costs in an area where actually more money should be invested? Receiving an amazing cut that is versatile, easy to manage and looks stunning is the perfect result everyone wants. A perfect haircut is what causes complete strangers to approach you and remark favorably about your hair. That kind of result simply isn’t possible with a quick-and-dirty, discount salon cut. If you adore your hair (of wish you did) and believe you’re worth it, then it makes sense to invest in a precision cut by an experienced, master stylist.

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