Fashion and Fall Favorite Hairstyles

What’s the latest on the runways for fall 2010? Can we simulate these looks in Colorado?

Absolutely we can! Combine these trends with timeless classics that are versatile and worldly.

During Fall Fashion Week 2010, we saw:

  • Loose sexy waves: Curls are back, not so much the 80’s tight structured chemically produced curl but more the irregular free form texture created by rollers, or variable curling irons. Body waves have become more commonplace. Lightly pinning front pieces away from the face or lots of volume around the face and crown work equally well.
  • Blunt fringe (bang): Blunt straight fringe or textured but blunt giving a strong frame for the face are now widely seen. This is something you have to get used to and have the confidence to pull off.
  • Side ponytails: Either low or high but definitely off center is the look for the fall. Great for the low maintenance day time style for busy young moms.
  • Casual long styles signifying ‘second day hair’ working with the natural wave in the hair.

These are some of the new trends. Of course the same old classics appear every season with some artistic variations.

  • Bob: This timeless precision cut will never disappear from our runways, magazines or our neighborhood and nor should it. Created by hair icon Vidal Sassoon, it takes a master stylist with years of experience to create a perfect bob.
  • Shag: Variations on this layered cut continue to be seen everywhere. Fun, flattering and versatile. You just can’t go wrong here, assuming you have a great artist with a pair of scissors!
  • Pixie: Again, so many choices here and so easy to style and maintain. From the executive to the kindergarten teacher, express your creativity with this style. From one cut you can style in a variety of ways in a few seconds.

Hair colors are bold this season but tonal. Creating dimension within the shape of the cut, which can be subtle or creative. Chestnuts, gold, blondes and caramels hit the stage and look stunning around town. Find a creative colorist who will work with your skin tones and lifestyle. The idea this fall is to move out of your comfort zone with color and be noticed. When a stranger comes up to you and remarks on your hair you will know you have made a good choice. The right cut and color for you personally maximizes your features and contours and generally makes every day a great hair day.

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