Before You Reach for That Inexpensive Box Color, Consider This…

Why pay to have your hair colored at a hair salon when you can just by a box color at the grocery store?

Primarily, professional stylists use much gentler products, higher in protein and moisture. Different color lines offer different levels of longevity, vibrancy and shine. One of the best color lines in the world is currently Alfaparf, formulated and originally manufactured in Italy it consistently out classes most other professional color lines. This line offers:

Intense and Ultra Luminous Reflections thanks to extracts of Saffron, Indigo, and Rubbia, plants used to produce rich and glowing color effects in fabrics.

Unparalleled Lasting Power thanks to Tannin, a natural fixative that bonds color to the hair fiber with the same principle used to fix color to the fibers of textiles.

Extremely Conditioned and Touchably Soft thanks to the high concentration of Natural Ingredients in the formula.

Highlights are generally lighter panels or pieces placed in foils either with a base color or without. This will brighten and lighten the hair without a solid color allowing blending of grey or just a change of tonality. Low lights by contrast are darker or a different tone within the same shade to achieve dimension. Placement of highlights and low lights can give incredible dimension and interest with head turning results which are completely unobtainable with at home color. Stylists who stay current on the latest trends will offer unusual and interesting color techniques instead of the old fashioned ‘weave’ which is now out of date. Specialty hair color generally involves a combination of different colors and placement, taking into account the hair cut and clients lifestyle. Of course choosing the correct stylist and a high-end salon is crucial. Color techniques, mixing and application comes from years of experience and training.

Box colors are formulated with harsh “idiot proof” chemicals that leave the hair lifeless, dull and quite often damaged. The opposite actually is the case with Alfaparf color, which leaves the hair incredibly shiny, soft and in better condition than before color was applied.

Do not be fooled by the hard core marketing campaign by the box color manufacturers showing beautiful hair on beautiful models. Of course these girls do not use ‘at home’ hair color. These implied images undermine the professional salons who strive to achieve optimum health and beauty of hair color.

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