Hair Straightening: Japanese Thermal Reconditioning vs. Brazilian Blowout

What are the differences?

  1. Japanese Thermal reconditioning e.g. Yuko is permanent. In other words, it stays there until it grows out. Most people, depending on the length of hair, will re do the procedure between 9-12 months.
  2. Brazilian Blowout is a temporary treatment that lasts between 8-12 weeks.
  3. Yuko uses FDA approved chemicals which are non toxic and not carcinogenic.
  4. The Brazilian Blowout chemicals which used to include Formaldehyde but now includes other aldehydes chemicals which cause eye irritation and burning of the throat and nasal cavity. In fact recommendations include the salon implements ventilation systems and the stylists wearing masks! Yuko uses the same chemicals as seen in permanent waves.
  5. The YUKO Hair Straightening System obtained patent approval in the United States in 2000. It was approved as a “Hair Repair, Styling and Straightening Process” and is also a recognized technique of restoring health to the hair. The world-renowned researchers of Phi-ten first developed the breakthrough technology of water-soluble gold, “Aqua Gold.” This special water undergoes what Phi-ten call the “Phild Process*” and made electrically stable, which in turn allows for active ingredients in hair solutions to permeate the hair swiftly, minimizing damage from chemicals while producing the desired effect. All YUKO products use soluble gold to bring to your hair the perfect harmony between exquisite beauty and vibrant health.
  6. After the permanent straightening process you have to wait 72 hours before getting your hair wet. With the temporary straightening you can wash your hair immediately if desired.
  7. Brazilian Blowout will not guarantee their product without the use of their product, i.e. Shampoo and conditioner. That is not the case with Yuko.
  8. The Environmental Protection Agency has determined that formaldehyde is a probably human carcinogen based on limited evidence in humans and sufficient evidence in laboratory animals.
  9. Claiming to be “formaldehyde-free’ still means chemical derivatives of aldehyde such as those you might find in keratin treatments (another name for Brazilian Blowout) and include acetaldehyde, ethanol, methanol, formalin and chemicals ending in -aldehyde. Again these chemicals can cause irritation of the eyes, nose and skin during the keratin treatment process.
  10. Pricing can vary from $200-$400 for the temporary treatment and from $400-$600 for the permanent straightening.
  11. Treatment time varies between 2-3 hours for the temporary to around 4 hours for the permanent system.

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