Aspen Grove Salon Featured in Russia’s Hairs How & Beauty Magazine

Somewhere in Colorado…

The State of Colorado is known for national parks and ski resorts. Aspen Grove Salon shows the rustic beauty of rural Colorado. Caroline Douglas is the owner, a stylist and mother of seven children. A native of England, she has wonderfully succeeded to connect American salon elegance with environmental friendliness.

Hairs How Magazine SpreadCaroline and her husband started this salon project from scratch. The unit was empty, having previously been a Vitamin shop in the small town of Castle Rock, Colorado. Completely run down, we had to construct new walls, floor and ceiling, remembers Caroline. “The main problem was that we had to work with limited space”, said Caroline. “I knew that I wanted a separate room to shampoo clients and a separate hair color bar so clients could see how we prepare their color. It was very important to have comfortable reclining chairs in there with candles, aromatherapy, subtle lighting and spa like music playing in the background!” said Caroline. Aspen Grove
Salon definitely has the “feel of Colorado”. The furniture is made of wood from Aspen trees from the Rocky Mountains. Caroline and her husband got special permission to cut down the dead trees. “It I was a big project and it took 9 months to build the furniture”, recalls Caroline. “All the furniture was hand made by my husband and his friend; they only had my pencil sketches to base their construction on. You see wide columns in the photographs? They were cut from one tree, cut in half and manually hollowed out, so the electricity cables and the central vacuum system could be channeled up through the ceiling and into the back room”. Caroline remembers.

Now Caroline often hears compliments about the salon. “Wow, I didn’t know we could be here in paradise, such a surprise hides here inside! “, “Never would you think that a salon could be so beautiful” – we hear from clients. It is clear that Caroline spends a lot of time in the salon. “To be a mother of seven children, a busy stylist and run a business, challenges your time management skills“, she smiles. “I rely on the great team of girls I have at the salon who are very talented, we are another family together, without them I could not run this business” she says. “My husband is very supportive and encouraging and my children understand that sometimes I cannot make it to every sporting event or school performance. I do rely on help from friends and team parents to car pool the children to their activities” Caroline said. “I am so grateful to have this little business and be surrounded by wonderful people. Thank you to everyone” She said.

Article by Tatyana Borisova and Yulia Shumkova

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