Having Healthy Hair

One of the first things people notice about you when you walk into a room is your hair. At Aspen Grove Salon we make the health of your hair a priority. Healthy hair comes from the inside of the hair shaft rather than a cosmetic shine sprays.  It is common knowledge that darker hair is visually more shiny than lighter blonde hair, this is because light bounces off darker shades while light is absorbed by lighter shades of hair. Any hair can and should feel soft and flexible showing smoothness and shine. Hair that is dry and damaged from over styling or excess chemical treatments will need help getting back to health.

Regular cuts will assure the ends of your hair stay healthy. Even if you are tying to grow your hair, it is essential to have a trim at intervals no longer than 12 weeks. Your stylist will often cut the hair clean and dry so just the very tips can be ‘dusted’. Cutting dry preserves Logo_KevinMurphylength. Using a quality, paraben and sulphate free shampoo and conditioner such as Kevin Murphy will deliver the gentle, natural, nourishing ingredients deep into the hair shaft. Many lesser shampoos sit on the surface of the hair as the petroleum oil in the ingredients will not allow absorption. Using a reconstructing deep conditioner once a week is key to maintaining shine. Using Alfaparf’s repairing bamboo treatment on towel dried clean hair once a week, allowing the product to soak into the hair for 10 minutes will create luscious reflective hair.  Results, using this particular product are visible after the first use.

haircolor5Our hair color is gentle, botanical and actually beneficial, with amino acids, and vitamins to strengthen the hair. We recommend using lightener with caution as this can dry the hair further. There are alternatives to using traditional bleach for high lights which will be beneficial for keeping hair in top condition. Our color stays vibrant with minimal fadage. Although we love to see our clients we know you should be able to go at least 6 weeks in between touch ups. Even stubborn grey hair can be camouflaged with strategic placement of dimensional color. Over processing and excess chemical treatments are therefore avoided so hair stays soft and beautiful.

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