Summer is nearly here!

Summer hair is all about easy, natural and flowing. Hair is meant to look effortless.  Begin by working a volumizing mousse (Kevin Murphy Body Builder) through damp hair, then flip your head upside down to blow it dry. If you have naturally curly hair, use a diffuser. When your hair is 100 percent dry—That’s the key to eliminating frizz, bring your head back up, and create a side part with your fingers. Using a one-inch curling iron, wrap hair around the wand in different directions: Alternate with some sections going toward the face and some going away for a slightly disheveled effect.

Beachy waves are just as much of a summer essential as SPF (well, almost). And they’re easy to get, no matter your texture. If your hair is curly, prep towel-dried hair with a frizz-blocking cream, like (Onesta Smooth and Shine) and blow-dry with a diffuser until it’s 95 percent dry. Let it air-dry the rest of the way, and you’re all set. If your hair is naturally straight, blow-dry hair smooth and twist it into a few different braids. Press over them with a flatiron—this will set the waves for when you untie them—and top with a lightweight hair spray, such as Alfaparf Strong Hold spray. Then take them out. Pull a messy part with your fingers, and for extra body, haphazardly curl a few sections with a one-inch iron.
A no-brainer for hot, sticky days, a ponytail is the easiest (and quickest) way to sweep hair off your neck. We’re not talking about the ponytail to casually toss your hair into when you go Spinning, though: Volume at the crown keeps Panettiere’s looking fresh and polished. Once hair is blown out, tease the top layer (between the temples) and smooth it over with a comb. Sweep a ponytail into place with a nylon-and-boar-bristle brush, securing it with a hair elastic at the top of the crown. High ponytails are great for drawing out cheekbones as they lift everything up to disguise the elastic, take a section of hair from the ponytail—the width depends on the thickness of your hair, but aim for a half inch—wrap it around the base, and slide a hairpin through to keep in place.

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