Styles for every age

Certain hair lengths can look good on everyone no matter their age, their face shape or hair type.

Hair that falls somewhere below the chin and at the shoulders, specifically, at least an inch or 2 below the chin, but no longer than the shoulders.berry1

Think about it: this hair length works on curly hair, straight hair, wavy hair and fine hair. Round faces look less round with hair that falls below the chin and long faces look less long at this length than with long hair.

And shoulder length hair is really flattering on older women, because it hides the problem spots that crop up as we age:

  • Double chins. Short hair exposes a double chin. Shoulder-length hair hides them.
  • Turkey wattles. Shoulder-length hair is brilliant at hiding loose skin at the neck, while short hair (again) exposes them.
  • Wrinkly neck? Same thing.

Plus: Shoulder-length hair can look youthful.

It is a myth that the moment you turn a certain age (some “experts” say 50, some say 60, some say 65 just to be different) that you have to cut your hair off. There are plenty of women over age 70 who look gorgeous with hair that’s to their shoulders or longer. It really depends on the cut and how it is layered (or not) and styled.

No matter your age, your hairstyle should flatter your face and your figure:

  • If you have a round or square face, you may look better with hair that’s longer
    • Women with long face generally look better with shorter hairstyles, but shorter can mean hair that’s to the shoulders, such as a gorgeous bob.Dove Tail Bob
    • You also have to consider your hair texture.
    • It’s true that many women with fine, thin hair look better with hair that’s above their shoulders with a few layers cut in.
    • Women with thick, curly hair may actually look better with longer hair, because longer hair will weigh down the curl
    • Part of up keep of your flattering style is washing your hair correctly.  You’re probably not wetting your hair thoroughly, you surely are not scrubbing your scalp long enough and you’re likely not rinsing out your conditioner completely. And speaking of conditioner, you should not skip the conditioner, even if you feel you have the oiliest scalp there is.

      There is a trick to conditioning oily hair: apply it only to the bottom of hair and never let it touch your scalp.

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