Make Up Artists & Makeup Application




We specialize in Special Occasion Make Up for Weddings, Prom, Parties and Anniversaries. We will create a beautiful look for your function no matter what style you wish to see. Our experienced Make up Artists work closely with you, to match our outfit, hair color and complexion tones. We bring out your best features and have false eye lashes to complete your look if you so desire!

We use Mineralogie Make up which uses the highest quality ingredients, making it the best and original mineral makeup company in the marketplace today.

The reason we choose to use minerals in creating our makeup is because they are pure, gentle and good for the skin. They leave the skin looking radiant and flawless time after time.

Minerals are pure because they are free of talc, starch, perfumes, and other unhealthy substances found within traditional cosmetics. Mineralogie also uses vitamins A & E in their foundation, because they work as natural anti-oxidants which help protect the skin from pollutants and keep the skin looking young and fresh.

Minerals also promote sun protection, do not clog pores, and give the skin a natural looking glow. Minerals are so light and pure that the skin can breathe and sweat through them! Mineralogie makeup is healthy enough to workout in!

Our make up services are wonderful for that special occasion, wedding, school dance or office party.

Our professional make up artists will custom blend specifically to make a perfect match for your skin tone no matter the season.

Application $55

Lesson $75